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Not many instruments can complement the natural movement of yoga and dance like a cello. In the past years, Dan has worked with many yoga teachers in NJ and Philadelphia, playing an Indian-tinged style accompanied by the drone of Indian tanpura. The addition of live music to a yoga practice has many benefits, as it allows the practitioner to immerse his/herself fully into the moment and become one with the poses. 

“I had never met Dan, but had been hearing such great things about him. I asked him to collaborate on a “Yoga in the Lavender Field” event I was doing. Let me just tell you it was the most amazing event of my life. He plays so beautifully, the sunset, the lavender, the Indian-tinged cello, it was pure magic. Dan was so easy to vibe with, it was so organic, his talent is superior. I look forward to many more events with him, I have even asked him to play for my wedding next fall!”

-Leyna Schaeffer (Leyna Love Yoga)

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